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Aw that’s cute bitch.😊
Pussy so good had to save that shit for later 👅💦🎶 (at Brixton)
It’s f*cking disgusting🔫
Sometimes we gotta change a little.🔃 (at Basingstoke)
❌I’m rapin’ u nigguhs look at this pic, what the fuck I gave to u nigguhs ! ain’t feelin’ these nigguhs , Nigguhs want my time, call me Clinton I’m billin’ these nigguhs❌ (at ASS NIGGUHS)
Sou tua panca eu confesso todos dias em ti penso e não me canso de dar amor se te vais eu enlouqueço coração fica no gesso só tu sabes como dar Valor Mor tu és…. O meu Reiii..👑❤️ #Showsomelovetoyourboo✌️ (at Naquele sitio)
It hurts my pride to tell u , How I feel but I still need u.♥️
◾️SUS MY NIGGUH ’ 123 MY NIGGUH SUS ✌️◾️ #Night. (at Serra das Minas)